1. @catechism Have you seen http://english.stackexchange.com/ ? Seems like something you could lose hours on :-) 07:16 AM Feb 1st
  2. @club_is_open nice! Which islands are you going to see? 05:21 PM Feb 2nd
  3. @ejfinneran he wasn’t the only one. I saw a family go by on cross-country skis while digging out my car. 08:38 PM Feb 2nd
  4. @dep “XPlay’s MK preview is up now! See if you can find the hidden character reveal !! http://bit.ly/fYfFVy” (via @noobde) 08:44 PM Feb 2nd
  5. Finished reading The Department of Mad Scientists by Michael Belfiore. A look at some of the DARPA funded projects. Interesting stuff. 10:54 PM Feb 2nd
  6. Ticket purchased for Entrepreneurs Unpluggd, Feb. 8, 2011 @ 6:00pm. http://www.entrepreneursunpluggd.com/ 01:26 PM Feb 4th
  7. People at the end of the alphabet are more impulsive buyers than those at the front. http://j.mp/gWghzL 09:38 AM Feb 5th
  8. Tomorrow we start the Insanity workout proper. 6 days on, 1 day off. 10:23 AM Feb 5th
  9. @corywilkerson the shape is an icosahedron. I’ve always heard the die referred to as a d20. 07:37 PM Feb 5th
  10. Went to see True Grit today. A fine movie, pretty well paced, but I could have waited for the DVD release. 11:08 PM Feb 5th
  11. @dep I want prequels that merge with the Tron: Legacy storyline. 09:03 AM Feb 6th
  12. Had a great time at #EntUnpluggd tonight. Lots of entertaining stories about getting started and finding your first customers. 09:36 PM Feb 8th
  13. Heroes vs. Villains – a free album that brings opposing video game hero and villain themes together. http://hvv.ocremix.org/music.html 10:29 AM Feb 9th
  14. Sweet, pmG is selling their 3D rendering software messiahStudio5 for $10/40 in the Dare To Share CG Software Challenge http://t.co/CIJXoHa 11:32 AM Feb 9th
  15. World of Goo for iPad is 99¢ today (via @toucharcade). If you own an iPad and don’t have this game, buy it now! 07:19 AM Feb 10th
  16. A common utterance by my wife this winter: “Brrr! It’s so cold out. Why do we live here?” Good question. #Chicago 09:23 PM Feb 11th
  17. @stephencelis I tried heart in Peru, a little tough but otherwise good. How was stomach? 05:37 AM Feb 12th
  18. @leonc last year was great for animated movies: Despicable Me, How to Train Your Dragon, and Toy Story 3. All great films. 09:56 AM Feb 12th
  19. @jeffcohen as opposed to OSX: download AppCleaner, pick the application to delete, it finds all of the miscellaneous hidden files, confirm. 10:59 AM Feb 12th
  20. @MeredithStiles my wife’s been to a few, all I’ve heard are horror stories. 03:42 PM Feb 12th
  21. Black Swan. Wow. That’s one intense movie. 07:21 PM Feb 12th
  22. @robmalchow I think it’s time to upgrade the squid in the cephalopod – http://whodunnknit.com/2011/02/11/plarchie/ 08:55 AM Feb 13th
  23. Taxes done. Time to figure out dinner. 05:27 PM Feb 13th