1. 08:24 PM Oct 5th
  2. Desserts at Lickity Split were fantastic! Good thing it’s quite a walk from my apartment, could be dangerous ;-) cc/ @ejfinneran 06:48 PM Oct 8th
  3. Movie roundup: Killer Elite (meh), Tucker and Dale Vs Evil (good), Drive (very good). Tucker & Dale would have been better w/o the trailer. 08:00 AM Oct 10th
  4. The Corliss Resolution – http://t.co/ej2elzuE #skydiving #wingsuits 09:16 AM Oct 10th
  5. @dep I’m having the same problem with my iPad and iPhone 3GS. I don’t want to wait for my 4S to arrive to play with iOS 5. 02:51 PM Oct 12th
  6. @dep tried from 10.6.8, will try on Lion when I get home. 02:53 PM Oct 12th
  7. @rmatta @dep I’m guessing the servers are just getting slammed. 02:57 PM Oct 12th
  8. @dep @rmatta sucks that it has to start from the beginning instead of retrying authentication. Backups take forever. 03:01 PM Oct 12th
  9. @dep I’m gonna have to go with @stephencelis on this one. A watched progress bar never moves. 04:31 PM Oct 12th
  10. @rmatta @dep got my phone updated. Took about an hour for update and re-syncing. Wife’s phone and my iPad next. 06:27 PM Oct 12th
  11. @pvponline my 3GS won’t auto-connect to my in-law’s router (all other devices are ok). I assume it’s because they left it named “linksys”. 08:12 AM Oct 13th
  12. @corywilkerson when Lilly integrated product/category/review search in a week, they were finally sold. Still haven’t replaced Endeca, yet. 08:38 AM Oct 13th
  13. Just bought my tickets to see Ghostbusters next Thursday at the AMC River East. Anyone else in? 08:00 PM Oct 13th
  14. And with the weekend gone, Hawks training is complete for the season. Up next: Nationals! #skydiving 06:48 AM Oct 17th
  15. @danbenjamin I’m right there with you. I’ve avoided Facebook this long, requiring it to sing into a random app just means I won’t try it. 09:00 AM Oct 18th
  16. @jeffcohen welcome to the club. 04:34 PM Oct 18th
  17. @stephencelis @ejfinneran are we talking mini-cupcakes or the real thing? 07:44 PM Oct 19th
  18. First one in the theater for Ghostbusters! “Hey. We should stay here. Tonight. Sleep here. You know, to try it out.” 06:14 PM Oct 20th
  19. Got tickets to see THE ’VERSE: Another Firefly Story at the iO Theater on November 10th! cc/ @ejfinneran 10:03 PM Oct 26th
  20. ORDLAX
    I love that airport security in Chicago doesn’t bat an eye at my skydiving gear. 07:03 PM Oct 27th
  21. @timoax still on the two Dew breakfast? 09:54 AM Oct 28th
  22. LAXPHX
    Nationals, here I come! I’ll be competing in 4-way and 8-way Formation Skydiving at the intermediate level. #skydiving #nationals 08:15 PM Oct 28th
  23. Man, I should have bought Reeder a long time ago. It actually makes Google Reader useable on the iPhone. 09:26 PM Oct 28th
  24. I’m confused. I just saw someone with an iPhone, who also had printed directions. What’s the point? In case your phone blows up?? 11:26 PM Oct 28th
  25. National tried to up sell my rental car. Declined. They were out of stock and I got the upgrade for free. #winning 12:19 AM Oct 29th